Frequently Asked Questions

How does FuturePet reach out to my clients?

FuturePet identifies scheduled appointments in the practice management system. We send SMS messages (text messages) to each client presenting them with a unique link that takes them through the intake process. No special software is required and no apps are required to download.

What types of appointments does FuturePet support?

FuturePet currently support wellness visits, surgical intake, recheck exams, medical concerns, and other speciality exams. If you have a unique appointment type, let us know!

What questions does FuturePet ask? What does a comprehensive history mean?

We believe that the patient history is the most important piece of the consultation. Often times, clients may forget important facts or not recognize that a piece of information (such as their pet’s travel history) can be instrumental in finding the correct diagnosis.

FuturePet’s intake process contains logic which helps us understand the most important questions to ask. Does the pet have an ongoing medical issue? We will dig into how medications are performing, how the condition is progressing, and the owner’s concerns. New puppy? We will look at what owners’ expectations are for their veterinary relationship and where they need the most help. Each intake flow is designed to capture the optimal information for the best visit possible.

Can’t my practice just get this information over the phone or in-person?

FuturePet augments the clinic staff and allows people to focus on the tasks that are most valuable and enjoyable. We have found that collecting a consistent and comprehensive history is a bottleneck for many practices, but can also be instrumental in driving higher compliance and a better experience.

It can be challenging for staff members to collect all the details necessary during a phone call and often pet owners don’t have all of that information at their fingertips. In person, this takes time to gather and often details are lost as information is passed between team members. Some clients also find it difficult or intimidating to speak to healthcare professionals.

FuturePet’s process allows the veterinary team to have a reliable record of information on which they can build a strong bond with clients and patients.

Does FuturePet integrate with my practice management system? How do I view this information?

Yes, FuturePet integrates with 95%+ of the systems out there including AVImark, Cornerstone, ImproMed, and other common PIMS.

We gather your practice calendar as well as pertinent information to ensure your clients do not have to repeat information.

The information can be viewed on a web and mobile interface dedicated to your clinic.

Is there a limit to the number of users a clinic can have?

No, each clinic member receives a unique login so that they can access their practice schedule and patient summaries.

What happens if my clients do not provide their information or are unwilling to do so?

While close to 75% of our clients happily provide this information prior to appointments, we recognize that not everyone may do so. FuturePet only charges clinics based on the completion of a summary.

Do I have to be in the clinic or hospital to use FuturePet?

Nope, FuturePet is a cloud based experience optimized for mobile and desktop. You and your team can view your calendar and summaries from the comfort of your home.

I still have questions...

No worries! Feel free to visit our help center which has additional articles and support materials.