Our founding practitioner program is designed to build a deeper relationship with a community of progressive veterinarians as we work towards creating a better future for clients, vets, and pets.

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Upgrade your veterinary visits starting today.

No need for complex software transitions or having to convince your entire clinic to get onboard. In a few short minutes, we create your personalized experience to collect histories for your appointments.

Experience the difference.

We think you will love what FuturePet has in store for your appointments. Our 30 day trial allows your first doctor (in addition to unlimited support staff) to access our full experience for free. No setup or hidden fees. Try it out yourself before expanding to the rest of your team.


Fair, transparent pricing for your entire clinic.

When your practice is ready to get onboard, we make it easy and transparent. FuturePet operates on a shared success model where clinics are only charged for the impact we make. Practices pay a $2.50 fee/per completed appointment summary. We also include unlimited in-clinic users, expanded appointments types and special features :).

Always in sync. Powering your best visits.

FuturePet integrates with your existing software systems and automatically works in the background to create your best visits ever. Less time on administration, more time delivering better care.

Refer a colleague and earn more.

Not ready to upgrade to our practice subscription? Sharing is caring: for each colleague you refer, we extend your free trial by an additional week and if they sign up, you get another week free. Earn up to 2 additional months of complimentary access to FuturePet.